5 months free Wildix

Cloud PBX – up to 5 months free licensing and ½ day free consultancy or set up

Take advantage of the benefits that await by working outside your office walls!

Try Wildix for 5 months, all without even changing your phone system!
Enjoy this six-month trial on the fly! Afterward, you’ll be free to evaluate the service.


5 months of free, unlimited Business licenses that allow users to:
• chat internally,
• show their presence status
• share documents and their screen
• and initiate
• video conferences
SIP trunks and labour setup services are not included

for new AND existing systems.

Are you interested in specific devices integrated with Wildix?

Ask for information about hardware As a Service!
This will let you get the latest tools in tech.

Is your productivity still tied
to the four walls of your office?

But now, it’s possible to pick up
your work from anywhere right away!



How would your business change if your employees
could work from home as well as from the office?

• With smart working, employee productivity
increases by 15 to 20%
• 57% of employees who use smart working are
more satisfied with their job than those
who work only in the office
• 78% of managers consider telecommuting to be
the most effective non-economic incentive
to retain talent in their company

Mobile working is also the best way to balance family life and work.
It allows for flexibility in case of parental leave and drastically
reduces absences caused by illness.
Not to mention, it saves on office expenses (and CO2 emissions!).
To gain these benefits (and more), you need a system that lets
you work from home as if you were still in the office
while providing total security.

You can put your PBX into action right away with Wildix’s Cloud solution.

Our system lets you:

• Calls (internal/external)
• Chat, group chat
• Video conference (internal/external)
• Screen sharing and file sharing
• Real-time presence monitoring Monitor your colleagues’
status (on the phone, absent, busy, in a conference) in real time

You can add or remove users as needed with our scalable As-a-Service solution
All this comes without additional hardware, software, or clients.
Plus, it’s all accessible with just a click from your PC’s browser
or smartphone with 100% total security thanks to the WebRTC technology.

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