Geographical Numbers

Telephone numbers are fundamental to how residential consumers and businesses use and access telecommunications services. 

What are geographical phone numbers?

Geographic numbers are local telephone numbers that are specific to a town or city location in the UK.  A local telephone number for London for example would start 020, Bristol 0117 and so on.  

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Why choose Geographical Numbers?

Geographical numbers give your business legitimacy and credibility01 and 02 numbers also offer reassurance to customers, giving your business a sense of national identity, associating you with a particular location in the UK. They’re also perceived as reputable, ensuring your business maintains a legitimate image. But you can also now move your office to anywhere in the world and keep this telephone number 

Who are they best suited to?

Geographic numbers are for any businesses, who wish to establish a presence anywhere with numbers that help you to build trust with prospective customers. 01/02 numbers can enhance your company’s image as you can target specific areas of the UK to market to, even if you are not based there. 

Why choose us?

We have been providing phone numbers across different products and services for over 20 years now and pride ourselves in providing reliablecost effective and tailor-made solution for every business.  


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We can provide you numbers across all of our voice products, including transitioning your traditional analogue and ISDN base 


We offer multiple numbering options, from porting your existing numbers onto SIP, inbound or hosted wherever your office is based. 


We can translate your numbers to your mobile number for flexibility, hybrid and remote working. 

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