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Our comprehensive range of high-quality access control and CCTV product knowledge guarantees we can provide the system that’s right for you.
Montior your property with CCTV system or control who can enter an area or room in a building or who can use a particular resource with Access Control solutions. Watch any camera on your property from any device, anytime.

Access Control and CCTV Security Systems

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During the past 19 years, Orbex Solutions has providing CCTV and door access installation to its clients. We currently offer CCTV system for different industries and buildings, such as:

✅ CCTV for warehouse
✅ CCTV for hotels
✅ CCTV for stores and shops
✅ CCTV for office
✅ CCTV for bank
✅ CCTV for home

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Discover our CCTV solutions

Find a perfect CCTV solution for your home or business. We can help you with consultation, installation and maintenance of CCTV. Click on this link to find more information about our CCTV solutions. Orbex Solutions work with industry leaders in order to offer you the best possible solutions.

Access control

All our customers, whether large or small, have assets that require protection from theft and malicious damage. Choosing an access control system is a very important decision for the company or even for the family. The cost is of course important, but the system also needs to match your requirements and be completely reliable. Orbex Solutions works with industry leaders to offer you the best possible solution for your business or home. 

We work with world-famous brands when it comes to access control solutions. Orbex Solutions partners with Paxton and CAME BPT for several years and has a strong working relationship which enables us to deliver a first class, end-to-end service and products from these brands.

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