Our partnership with Samsung
Samsung Orbex

Samsung Electronics is the world`s leading consumer and business-to-business electronics companies; with 39 manufacturing subsidiaries, more than 24 Research and Development centers and seven design studios across the world. With over 20 years in manufacturing Telephone and other technologies, Samsung is the one of the best and most reliable, consistently out-performing the market with best in class product quality, durability and total cost of ownership.

The powerful combination of Samsung technology and Orbex Solutions can provide an end-to-end solution with sustainable long term benefits that include:
Significantly reduce call and device costs
Improved device and call management
Ideal forsmall and medium business
Best of breed products and technology
Improve communications with your customers and your staff
Numerous environmental standards are met

Samsung delivers positive value by protecting the environment and improving the social conditions of the communities in which they operate, while generating economic performance. Samsung`s commitment to achieving the appropriate internationally recognized standards sends a clear message to its customers.

As the leader in business technology, Samsung offers the most exciting and dependable line of Innovative products and solutions backed by a passionate team that is dedicated to building dynamic relationships.

Samsung develops compact and light weight products that not only use minimal resources but also deliver high performance with user-friendly features.

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