Take payment over the phone - simple, secure and fast

PayGuard allows business and organisations to take secure and compliant payments over any type of channel in an easy and fast manner.
Payguard’s award-winning technology made it simple, secure and compliant with standards such as the PCI DSS.
Take payments by phone with Payguard easy and fast.

Secure payments over phone or any other device

All within a single application!

PayGuard is an application that helps organisations like yours take secure and compliant payments from customers.
PayGuard works with all types of organisations across different vertical markets, from the finance sector to retail, or the travel industry to educational establishments.

If you take payments we help make the process simple, affordable and compliant.

Multi Channel

We allow you to take payments over any communication channel you like.

Any Payment Type

You can take payments by credit or debit card, open banking transfer or direct debit.

Fully Compliant

Payments taken are secure and compliant with GDPR, PCI DSS, MiFID II, FCA and PSD2

Feature Packed

You can set up recurring payments, make refunds, and lots more.

Flexible working solutions from Orbex Solutions. We are here to help your business stay connected anywhere.

Secure Online Purchases with PayGuard

PayGuard help organisations take payments. Simple.

Take payments by Card, Open Banking or Direct Debit.
Online, over the phone, via email or web chat.
PayGuard® keeps you compliant.

Who Uses PayGuard?

Any organisation or call centre large or small that:
Takes payments, wants to lower costs and be compliant to the highest levels.

Phone Payment Solutions

PayGuard make taking payments by phone simple, fast and compliant! Plus you get lots more features that improve productivity and provide excellent customer experiences.

Call Centre Payments

Take away your payment compliance concerns, reduce your admin, automate processes, all with minimal training for your agents and at an affordable price. 

Online Payments

Consumers demand the easiest way to pay for goods and services. That is why PayGuard have a host of online payment options ready for you to implement.

PCI Compliant Payments

Compliance with the PCI DSS is compulsory for any organisation that transmits, processes or stores card information. We make it easy for you…

Find out how PayGuard can help your business

PayGuard features

Taking a card payment over the phone has never been easier

Credit card, Debit Card, Direct Debit?No problem.
Automate balance and recurring payments?Sorted.
PCI compliance taken care of?PayGuard can help.
Help for Contact Centres?That’s our backyard.
Multi gateway?That too.
Integrate with my CRM?Okay.
Open banking payments?Thumbs up.
Over the phone, via web chat, online for my website, or in-store?Sure.
Microsoft Teams integration?Tick.
Automate payments over the phone?Done.
Microsoft Teams integration?Tick.
Process refunds easily?Why not.

Secure Online Purchases with PayGuard

Why PayGuard?

PayGuard make taking payments over phone or any other device simple, secure and affordable. 

Automate payments

Set up subscriptions

CRM integration

Multi-currency payments

API integration

Recurring payments


Let’s boost Your business & grow together

Let’s boost Your business & grow together

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