Fax to E-mail/ E-mail to Fax

Email to Fax or Mobile phone is a complete digital faxing solution enabling users to send Word, Excel, PDF, Text & Tiff documents straight from any PC or Mac. Also there is an option of receiving your emails on a fax or mobile phone. This service is a complete end to end solution which gives you the added value of not needing a fax machine or fax line – saving you even more money…

Email to fax sending
Rx (Receive-mode) Receiving your email on a fax or mobile phone.

We can give your fax machine or mobile phone an email address of your choice @fax.co.uk. Any email sent to your address @fax.co.uk is delivered promptly to the phone or fax number that you choose. You’ll need to open an account, select an email address @fax.co.uk and tell us the number to deliver to.

There is a charge to setup this account.

(One account can serve several users, although if you’re looking at lots of recipients you really need to be looking at our Tx service)

Then we charge monthly for the services that you use:

  • SMS / Text messages are charged at 7p each.
  • Fax-calls are charged at 10p per minute.
  • One-minute minimum, then in 1p increments.
  • There is a 5 pounds minimum charge each month

A typical enquiry/booking/order on a web-form faxes in a minute – so for 5 pounds/month you’ll get up to 50 enquiries delivered to your fax machine.

All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.

Tx (Transmit-mode) Sending email to any fax or mobile phone
Email to fax

Tx enables you to send an email to any fax or mobile phone by simply using the phone/fax number in the email address. To send a fax you could address an email ‘To: 01234123456@fax.co.uk’ using your normal email-application, no special software is needed and you can add attachments if you wish.

You can authorise an individual user or everyone on your domain to use the service – the setup charge is just one low fee however many users. Web developers can use the service to enable their scripts and applications to contact any fax or mobile. If your application can already send an email – now you can include everyone with a fax or mobile too. In most cases there are no changes needed to enable your application – simply use the “fax number @fax.co.uk” where you would normally put the recipients email address – that’s it !
You can authorise an entire domain – however many users – or use can be restricted to individual users and/or scripts

For speed and relibility – nobody can match us for plain-text. We can automatically apply your custom letterheading/logo to your plain-text email to create a custom branded fax on paper. Or you can send attachments to have complete control over how the fax looks – .pdf .doc etc

SMS / Text messages

Speed, reliability (and price!) sets us apart from other services!

In the same way as our fax services – we can offer either:

  • Rx – We give your phone an email address @fax.co.uk We pack as much of the email as we can into 160 characters and send it to your phone. You’ll usually receive your email within 30 seconds.
  • Tx – you can send email to any mobile phone (or fax) by simply incorporating the phone number into the email address like: ‘07890 …@fax.co.uk’

Our Tx service delivers to fax or sms – automatically selecting which path to take, any UK number starting 07… is assumed to be a mobile and the email is sent as an sms. Everything else is assumed to be a fax. So if you’re faxing the UK & worldwide or sending text to UK mobiles it’s easy.

You can also send an sms to a number that doesn’t start 07.. (foriegn mobile numbers for example) by prefixing the number with ‘sms-‘ (This works for most message-pager networks and most non-GSM mobile networks around the world.)

To send an sms to a foreign mobile number use ‘sms-234 ….@fax.co.uk’. This also works for sending an sms to a UK landline! For example ‘sms-01234 …@fax.co.uk’ sends a message to a regular landline phone – by converting your email to speech and reading it out. The charge remains the same.

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