During the past 19 years, Orbex Solutions has providing CCTV and door access installation to its clients:
Why do you need CCTV?

CCTV can increase the security of your property and building and can keep your family and business secured, as well as providing you with video footage of any events which may happen, they also act as a visible deterrent to criminals.

CCTV is a very powerful tool in the fight against crime. Not only does CCTV provide a fantastic visual deterrent – footage can be used to provide evidence against anti-social behaviour, theft, vandalism and burglary – saving you thousands in the long run.

24/7 CCTV camera systems

Are you looking to install a new, or to change current camera system in order to protect your business or home property?

CCTV Orbex Solutions
Our mission
CCTV Security Camera
To provide customers with the highest quality product at competative prices
Public CCTV security camera
To carrie out installation quickly and by experienced and qualified engineers.
CCTV camera orbex solutions
To offer customers an exceptional level of customer service.

Orbex Solutions is working with Avigilon, Axis, HikVision, Uniview and QVIS to bring you secure, convenient, flexible and cost effective way of controlling your business or building security.

AXIS Communications
CCTV Camera Solutions

Orbex Solutions is a supplier of high-quality Digital Surveillance solutions

We provide effective security solutions to our clients through professional security camera systems installation, and excellent maintenance service. We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers to carry out security camera installations and to give unlimited advice on home and business security.

At Orbex, we strive to deliver the best by offering products and services that are both reliable and affordable. When it comes to price, we offer guaranteed lowest prices on home CCTV security systems and business security systems.

CCTV Benefits
Detection of crime
Detection of crime

Our camera sysetms are very useful for the detection of the crime when you are at home or away

Reduce your home insurance cost
Will reduce home insurance cost

CCTV will reduce your home insurance cost. Althrough each insurance company may have its own standards

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

CCTV can be set up at various blind spots around your home that you can’t see from your windows so that if you hear an unusual noise or would like some extra peace of mind, you can check the perimeter of your property without having to leave your home. 

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