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Panasonic PBX/PABX is a global technology powerhouse which originated in Japan but has grown to be a household name globally. Panasonic has been supplying global organisations with PBX Telephone Systems for over 30 years and now supplies organisaions throughout the world. The Panasonic PABX switchboard product range spans the whole value chain from smaller entry level analogue Panasonic PBX Phone Systems to the larger more advanced IP Panasonic PBX Office Telephone solutions currently available in the Panasonic NS and KX ranges.

Reduce costs. Increase satisfaction. Improve efficiency.

Panasonic offers one of the top business communications platforms on the market. Small to mid-size businesses can benefit from installing Panasonic Business Telephone Systems because they are made to scale with your business.

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Features of a Panasonic PBX System
  • Smart hybrid PBX system for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Expand from 6 extensions, up to 288 extensions with Expansion Unit
  • Cost-effective installation and operation
  • Built-in applications include call centre solution, mobile solution and voicemail
  • Safeguard the environment through reduced energy consumption.
  • Improve communications with your customers using the Communication Assistant software.
  • Use real-time collaboration for your staff.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions for your business.
Panasonic has been the leader in DECT technology
Excellent sound quality

A noise-reduction function reduces surrounding noise and enhances the clarity of the conversation. The receiver volume is adjusted automatically to an easy-to-hear level if the user moves from a quiet area to somewhere noisier.

Easy to manage

IP Wireless DECT phone is remarkably easy to set up and manage. Its provisioning function enables remote configuration settings and handset management.

Cost saving

The combination of quality, reliability, ease and flexibility add up to a significant reduction in the overall cost of ownership. Add this to a low initial cost and you have a system that offers far greater return on the user’s investment over the lifetime of the technology.

Fit to your environment

DECT capability sets you free from wire. You can create your communication environment that is entirely suited to the different places in which your businesses operates, from the office out into the stock yard.

Panasonic benefits

Panasonic telephone systems have been designed with businesses in mind. Every business telephone system requirement is different, so Panasonic have developed a range of flexible phone systems to cater for every bespoke solution.

In touch and in style!
In touch at your desk and wirefree.
In touch anywhere with everybody!
In sight and in touch with clarity!
In touch and with confidence!
In touch and on the go!

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