Cyber security

Cyber Security is provided in partnership with a leading cyber security organisations.

The threat is out there. More and more organisations are experiencing devastating breaches. Your first line of defence must be a cyber security system.

Fully Accredited cyber security system and Partner with Leading Cyber Security Organisations

Cyber security services features

Security Operations Centre

Deploy our Silver, Gold or Platinum SOC service to enjoy the very highest level of security available. We will prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats – 24/7.

Cyber Security Audit

We can undertake a comprehensive analysis and review of your IT, to detect threats and vulnerabilities, and any practices that are putting you at risk.

Breach Response

We will stop any breaches, assess damage, perform a security audit and update your recovery plan. And we will do it fast

Managed Cyber Security

By outsourcing your cyber security services, you get full protection from even the most recent threats. We’ll upskill your people in cyber security too.

Cyber Security Training

One of the best defences against the bad guys is a security-aware workforce. Our friendly team will encourage them to adopt practices that keep you safe.

PEN Testing

Are you secure? We will conduct ethical hacking to stress-test your systems, and understand the vulnerabilities in your systems, networks and websites.

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SOC as a Service - Security opertions centre

Fully Managed, 24/7 IT Security. Isn’t this the Protection Your Business Deserves?

With more and more businesses suffering from cyber attacks since the pandemic, organisations are looking to further tighten security to protect their assets and reputations.
The gold standard for safeguarding your business is a security operations centre (SOC). This is a dedicated unit tasked with defending your business and keeping your data and assets safe.

This is why it makes sense to outsource your security service to an experienced and trusted managed security services solution (MSSP) such as this one. Find out about our three SOC plans below.

What is SOC as a Service?

Our provider provides 24/7 security operations centre services for clients across many industries. With Silver, Gold and Platinum services available. Something for every This SOC service can include:

  • A Comprehensive Security Plan 
  • Cloud Access Monitoring
  • Swift Breach Response
  • Microsoft 365 Monitoring
  • External Penetration Testing
  • Compliance Expertise

SOC packages

Choose Your package
All packages include sophisticated alerting and monitoring of endpoints, servers and cloud environments. Our provider will automatically sign clients up to the National Cyber Security Council (NCSC) Early Warning System. You can find out more about each of the services listed here further below.
All Silver Services
All Gold Services

Cyber Security Audit and analysis

Assess Weaknesses, Close Gaps, Protect Your Business

With more and more businesses suffering from cyber attacks since the pandemic, organisations are looking to further tighten security to protect their assets and reputations.
The gold standard for safeguarding your business is a security operations centre (SOC). This is a dedicated unit tasked with defending your business and keeping your data and assets safe.

“Sixty percent of medium-sized businesses experienced a cyber-security breach or attack in the last 12 months. Twenty-five percent of those at least weekly” *
*Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019
Protect your business, today.

Taking Cyber Security Seriously

Your organisation’s data is at the very heart of its operations. But its security is constantly being challenged. Security threats can come from different sources such as insecure networks or poor backups. A complete security audit is the only way to identify vulnerabilities that can cause data breaches resulting in lost revenue, reputational damage or worse; halted operations.

A cyber and IT security audit can help ensure that your organisation achieves an acceptable level of information security by identifying and closing any gaps that exist in the infrastructure.

IT and cyber security audit services

IT Consulting Services

Award-winning IT consulting services will help you reach your goals, within your budget – and empower your team to greater success
Security - Orbex

Cyber security services

Comprehensive IT Strategies

Talk to us and we can develop and update your IT infrastructure across the board, to help your team work faster and smarter.

VCISO Services and Virtual CTO Services

Bring in our senior-level IT talent as and when you need it: they can have a transformational impact in a cost-effective way.

IT Security Audit and Gap Analysis

Get a two-day audit of your organisation’s IT security operations. This includes a risk assessment and recommendations for improving security.

DevOps Consulting Services

Speed up your IT infrastructure, software roll outs and updates – our team will help your people develop agile methodologies.

Software Development

Our developers specialise in building bespoke programs for a wide variety of business applications, to give you the edge on the competition.

Business Continuity and Risk Management

Our BCM and risk consultancies can help safeguard your business against unexpected interruptions and disasters.

Managed IT Support Provider

Award-winning IT support tailored exactly to your business’ needs – and delivered at a reasonable fixed price.
The Fixed-Fee Managed IT Support Provider

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your organisation is increasingly dependent on complex IT, yet struggles to keep things up and running. You’re looking for a solution that will take the operational burden off your hands. Only you never want to be confronted with the add-ons and hidden extras you’ve heard about that make costs spiral?

Fully Accredited and Partner with Leading Cyber Security Organisations

What You Get from Our Managed IT Support Provider Services

Unlimited Phone and Remote Support

Enjoy limitless, expert support whenever your people need it. You'll never talk to a call handler – only a qualified engineer.

Procurement Advice

We have the industry knowledge to guide you to the right products and services at the right prices. This alone can save you significant sums.

Solid Cyber Security

We provide solid security, including up-to-date antivirus software and 24/7 proactive monitoring of your networks. User cyber security training is also available.

Dedicated Engineer

Life is so much easier when you have one point of contact who knows your business. That's why we provide you with a dedicated engineer for your account.

Backup Management

Intersys will protect you against data loss with our state-of-the-art backups and IT disaster recovery services. Your data will be safe and secure.

Onsite & Remote Options, 24/7 Support Available

We can tailor a package to include full onsite support, 24/7 live support and more. Talk to us and we will find a solution for you!

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