NTS and Non Geo Numbers

Non geographical numbers help your business by presenting it as a nationwide business rather then a local.

Number Translation Services (NTS) can be used in a number of ways to enhance and add value to voice packages for end user customers, the information contained below further highlights.

Features and Benefits Guide
Biggest benefit of NTS and Non Geo numbers is the resilience. Your number is sitting in a cloud forwarding calls to your office, call centre, mobile number or similar. In case the primary destination experiences a fault or any other reason for not being able to receive calls the destination can be changed in minutes and your business will not be missing important calls.
NTS and Non Geo numbers can be used for a variety of end user services, including but not limited to:


Freephone 0800/0808 (free to call numbers) usually used for:

• sales and other order taking departments
• premium customer care for high value customer groups
• charities or support groups and organisations
• Increase responsiveness to sales/marketing and lead generating campaigns


Local Rate 0845 are usually used for

• Business to Business (B2B) sales
• customer service/care/advice lines.
• recruitment functions


National Rate 0870 are usually used for
• 24 hour help lines/billing enquiries/claim and ticket booking lines


Fixed National Rate 0871 are usually used for
• services that receive calls predominantly over the weekend or in the evenings or that required heavy subsidisation
Benefits of NTS services

Nationwide presence

With Non Geographical number your business becomes national rather then linked to a specific area via the area dial code like 020 is linked to London.

Greater Return per Customer

With low set up costs and time to market, NTS numbers provide a high ongoing return on investment and do not require additional billing, account management and customer premise equipment.

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