Virtual numbers

Receive phone calls
Make phone calls
Send & receive SMS

Virtual numbers for calls, SMS and fax.
Get your personal virtual number and start right away with your virtual phone.

What is a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers are numbers just like any other. They can make and receive calls, texts, and leave and receive voicemails. The only difference is that Virtual phone number is linked to an IP network.

How to get a virtual phone numbers in UK

To get a virtual phone number in UK, just find a reputable VoIP company, like Orbex Solutions, contact, and start using your virtual phone number, today.

What are the benefits of using a virtual telephone number for business?

You can keep your personal number private, and keep your business running anytime. Also you stay in touch with your customers with online text messages (anytime, anywhere). And one of the main benefits: You can work from anywhere

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virtual numbers privacy

Protect your privacy

Your real number should stay private. Seperate your private and business life.

call forwarding virtual numbers

Call forwarding

Connect with new customers anywhere with virtual phone number forwarding for business.

Voice services virtual numbers

All VoIP functions included

SMS, Calls, Call forwarding, recording visual voicemail, and many more

business virtual numbers

Access from any device, anywhere

Organize your business and personal communications on any device

Presence in any town or city in UK? Try Virtual Numbers

Create a presence in any city in UK using virtual numbers… Make your business look larger by having multiple locations on your website. Use 01/02 numbers to make your business look much more professional. Keep your customers satisfied with very low call costs and increase leads or sales.

Receive and send calls, receive and send SMS. Real time reporting. Call recording & call forwarding available. Local (01/02) numbers. Gain a global presence. Answer calls anywhere. You can be competitive on a local level and also have national appeal with a presence in multiple locations across the country.

business presence virtual numbers

Presence in London?

020 Numbers

The 020 area code is like any other district prefix. 020 is the national dialling code for London in the United Kingdom. 
UK telephone numbers starting with 020 area codes are generally registered to new numbers in the capital city of London by default, however there can be exceptions.

Get a virtual presence in London with a memorable 020 number.


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