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ISDN lines

ISDN (Integrated Services for Digital Network) is a set of communication standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, data, and other network services over the traditional circuits of the public switched telephone network. 

Panasonic Hybrid PBX

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a high-performance service that delivers broadcast-quality voice and continuous, extremely reliable data transmission.

Although they’ve been the most reliable solutions to date, PSTN and ISDN are rapidly becoming out of date technology, and expensive to operate and maintain. Openreach plans to invest instead in fibre infrastructure rather than further invest in a new version of the PSTN (which is essentially Victorian technology). Moving to new technologies will open the door to exciting opportunities to develop more reliable and future proof products and services for decades to come.

Openreach will be switching off services at each exchange in turn. The first stage is to announce a “stop sell” date for each exchange. After this date no new affected services can be ordered and changes to existing services, no matter how minor, cannot be made. There are already over 200 exchanges that will be in the Stop Sell phase by January 2022. A list of the exchanges currently identified as Stop Sell can be found here. Two years after the stop sell date all services cease at that exchange.

September 2023 has been announced as the national ‘stop sell’ date – the point at which all exchanges will have reached their stop sell date. The project completes in 2025 as the last exchanges reach their shutdown date.  The big analogue switch off project ends in 2025.  From this date its all-IP or nothing.

Continuous data transmission makes it ideal for use with EPOS machines and intelligent tills in shops. And that makes it especially useful in areas with patchy broadband coverage.

The service is separated into 2 products based on the size of your business


For small businesses that can’t afford any breaks in data transmission. With ISDN2e System you can connect to a small switch (like Avaya IP office) with up to 60 channels. Channels are sold in pairs and can be bonded to increase bandwidth for things like reliable video conferencing.

Technical details about ISDN2e System

· If you connect devices directly to the ISDN circuit, you can have up to 9 additional MSN (Multi-Subscriber Numbering) numbers
· Internet connection speed on each channel is 64kbps, which you can combine for faster transmission
· Bond channels together for faster transmission for high-quality video conferencing and transferring large data files
· If you use a switch (PBX), you can have an unlimited number of DDI numbers (extra charges apply)



For large businesses that need high-quality video conferencing, consistent transfer of large data files, or that operate call centres. Customers get an unlimited number of channels (sold singularly) and can also bond channels to increase bandwidth. ISDN30 supports WAN to link two or more sites.

Technical details about ISDN30

· Each bearer carries 30 64kbps channels
· Bond channels together for faster transmission for high-quality video conferencing and transferring large data files
· If you use a switch (PBX), you can have an unlimited number of DDI numbers (extra charges apply)
· You can create a Wide Area Network (WAN) by linking 2 or more Local Area Networks (LAN) so you can link multiple sites together
· 2 configurations available: ETSI and DASS

Both come with following features available
Calling Line Identity Presentation
Calling Line Identity Restrictionheading
Number Presentation
Site assurance 1
Call forwarding
Call barring and many more