Orbex Solutions and Cambium Networks partner to deliver advanced wireless technologies to market

We are excited to announce our new enterprise wireless partner — Cambium Networks!

Cambium Networks empowers millions of people with wireless connectivity worldwide. Its wireless portfolio is used by commercial and government network operators as well as broadband service providers to connect people, places, and things. With a single network architecture spanning fixed wireless and Wi-Fi, Cambium Networks enables operators to achieve maximum performance with minimal spectrum. End-to-end cloud management transforms networks into dynamic environments that evolve to meet changing needs with minimal physical human intervention. Cambium Networks empowers a growing ecosystem of partners who design and deliver gigabit wireless solutions that just work.

Wireless that just works

Cambium solutions securely provide a cost-effective wireless fabric, customized for enterprises needs. This flexibility results in Cambium solutions application in an array of use cases, from healthcare and education to mining, law enforcement, public safety, oil & gas. The adaptability and multiple options make Cambium a sort of wild card you can apply to whichever networking challenges you may have.

Enterprise Wi-Fi and Fixed Wireless Broadband solutions from Cambium Networks connect people, places and things. Cambium indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, and wireless broadband wide area networks connect enterprises, industries, governments and service providers with easy to deploy, economical and efficient cloud-managed solutions that deliver amazing results and high end user satisfaction.

Visit https://orbex.co.uk/cambium/ to learn more about Cambium’s end-to-end wireless fabric solutions.