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How Dropbox Business is accelerating transformation in football

5 ways Dropbox is accelerating digital transformation in football

Finding and improving talent

Imagine scouting with COVID restrictions on travel.” says Jon Tibbs.
“It’s impossible to be in all the far flung corners of the world, so having
a smart, integrated, bespoke, digital system that allows you to have
easy access with third parties all over the world to attend games on
your behalf and spot young talent is everything – its the only way you
can survive in a football club properly.”

But finding talent is just the first step on that journey – you then need to secure it and elevate it to a high level and ensure first class performances week in, week out. Digital tools, as we’ve found out, are helping clubs here too as they look to review vast volumes of data and footage to devise targeted and specific training plans for players and squads.

These are then easily distributed via digital channels to coaches, players, medical staff, nutritionists or anyone else that needs to be kept aligned on performance

1. Centralise your team with shared folders

2. Mobility

3. Secure data management

4. Contracts

Broadening the fan base

As gate receipts dry up, the total dependence on fans for revenues has been crystallised for clubs of all sizes – particularly those in the top flight where a large percentage of money comes in through the turnstiles.

The pandemic has accelerated the urgency to level up supporter engagement and is driving innovation to broaden the fan base and find new ways to secure finances.

Clubs are turning to digital tools to help them in their engagement and access a potentially global audience. Those doing it well are orchestrating global campaigns, sharing exceptional content across multiple platforms and staying aligned regardless of where they are.

Marketing teams can now capture, upload, edit, share amongst the team and distribute to waiting audiences almost instantly

“Research has shown that there are some 4.66 billion people with access
to the internet and 4.61 billion using social media,” explains Jon Tibbs.
“The potential audience to reach for clubs with great ambition is enormous
and we are seeing the rise of football across Asia and huge volumes of fans
being turned on by clubs using digital tools in savvy ways to connect with them.
Think creatively, and think big, and have the right platform at the heart to
simplify that engagement.”

1. Press / publicity packs

2. Digital content management

3. Publish with partners

Improving the business of football

Football is a business and it isn’t just what happens on the pitch that matters. Clubs have to run smart, run a profit, and operate as efficiently as possible.

Commercial and money-making ventures must be handled with diligence – a big challenge when employees are dispersed and working from home.

And it’s clear digital tools and platforms are making this more simple, offering automation, streamlined workflows, and a host of other efficiencies. They are helping break down the traditional silos and opening up communication across the organisation which is helping clubs to work faster and more coherently.

1. Internal collaboration

2. External collaboration

3. Document and contract workflows

Enhance player performance

Finding the raw talent is just the first step in a long journey towards exceptional performances on the pitch. Once you’ve found the players, now begins the difficult task of developing them to be the best they can be. For the larger clubs with a global footprint, youth coaching, academies and multiple teams on the training ground, staying on top of individual performances is no small feat.

For those with a smaller player base, the critical nature of squeezing every drop of performance out of your group is that much more prevalent.

Individual training and nutrition plans, and fitness rehabilitation regimes – all of this needs to be communicated to the players and shared with the broader support network looking after the players. Connecting this myriad data and bringing the right teams together is fundamental to driving improved performances on the pitch. But making this work during a pandemic when players can’t get together in person is extremely difficult and requires first-class coordination and communication.

That’s why we offer Dropbox Business – do your job much easier, cheaper and faster than ever before. 

1. Easy and secure access

2. Smart sync

3. Time-based feedback

Stay compliant and secure

And finally, to remain an attractive proposition for investment and a club players want to play for, you must remain compliant and secure. Any errors or failure to comply will see the club subject to fines, transfer embargoes, or disqualification from competitions. To simplify the challenge of remaining compliant, clubs around the world have been deploying digital tools and applications for the elevated visibility into process they provide. Leaving a digital trail of breadcrumbs as content passes between back office team members and contracts are signed and returned from employees, digital tools are the perfect solution for compliance – provided they stay secure. And, since COVID-19 and the rise in remote working, clubs are having to work much harder to balance performance with security while remaining compliant and as productive as possible.

1. Vendor agnostic integrated platform

2. Simple document and contract management

3. Market-leading security

Dropbox Business helps some of the worlds most successful sports teams, athletic associations and sportswear brands get better work done faster.

Whether it’s storing, sharing or collaborating on design, media and business files, Dropbox keeps work moving by keeping teams together and organised. With more than 600 million registered users across 180 countries, we’re on a mission to design a more enlightened way of working.

Think digital to drive new revenues and improve the business of football

Dropbox Business benefits

1. Centralise your team with shared folders

• Bring your scouting network together and keep them in sync, no matter where they are in the
world, or on what time-zone
• Make it easier to access performance reviews and to pick the right talent by using shared folders to
centralise player intelligence, organise your footage and commentary, and schedule your next outings.

2. Mobility

• Upload and share footage with your club within seconds, directly from your mobile device while pitch-side.
• Comment and feedback on

3. Secure data management

• With no upload limits, you can collect all the information and data you need on players to build
a more complete picture of their skills and characteristics
• If you have a global network, Dropbox can help you simplify managing and organising your data
and video analysis by keeping it together in one centralised and highly secure location

4. Contracts

Sign on the spot. Using e-Signature technologies, you can offer a contract at pitchside to make sure
you are taking decisions at speed.
• Simplify contract management with an integrated platform that automatically and securely stores
contracts in your chosen destination folder.