Orbex trade-in
Replace your current communication device with brand new in partnership with Wildix.

We are excited to announce some amazing news from Wildix.
Get rid of your old third-party devices and replace them with Wildix proprietary devices purchased in the as-a-service model.

Hurry up and claim your cash now.

Devices - Unified Communications
What will you receive?
  • £30 back per each item ordered during the 1st month of this Promo
    (i.e., October 1st – 31st)
  • £15 back during the rest of the Promo (until Dec. 31)
Wildix Devices for the Trade-In
  • Desk phones → any Wildix deskphone
  • DECT phones and Bs → any W-AIR series
  • Headsets → any Wildix headsets
  • Networking → any Wildix switch
Please note

This promo is valid only for a minimum of 10 devices per order and starts on October the first — TODAY! — and continues until Dec 31, 2021.
This Promo is valid only for as-a-service replacements of third party devices.