Telephone Numbers

You could be an online company, a brand new start up or a taxi company. Getting the right phone number can create more opportunities, generate new business or target the customer you want. You’ll find certain phone numbers will suit your business better than others. Explore the individual number pages to see the different benefits each can provide or use our number comparison table.

Geographic or Non-geographic, Fixed Rate, virtual, low cost or Freephone Numbers

Make your phone number stand out with a memorable number from Orbex Solutions.

Memorable numbers are phone numbers which have certain patterns within them giving them meaning or making them much more likely to be remembered. Memorable numbers are all about being easy to recognise and remember. Our range of Gold, Platinum and Diamond numbers are where you’ll find our most memorable telephone numbers.
Some numbers are more memorable than others, which means that there is variable pricing for numbers categorised as memorable numbers. Any type of business, regardless of size or industry can benefit from having a memorable number. A memorable business phone number will set you apart and generate more business  when used in conjunction with the right marketing. You can use a memorable number to advertise anywhere..

By using a memorable phone number that’s easy to remember it greatly increases the chances that your target audience will remember you and increase the volume of calls and business. Brand awareness can increase your public profile and maintain customer retention so by using a memorable phone number you will increase the chances of successful brand engagement, generate more calls and drive sales.

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