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Tariff and Pricing Changes

1st March 2023 | Mobile Price Change Notification
The rising rate of inflation has been discussed extensively in the news recently and you may have seen multiple mobile operators announcing price hikes to their consumer bases. Unfortunately, we have been informed of increased costs that will apply to our Vodafone and O2 portfolio from the 1st April 2023 which cannot be absorbed. In line with that we will be applying a fixed 14.4% (CPI+3.9% in line with the suppliers) increase across all monthly service across Vodafone and O2 offering. This will include all monthly service charges including tariffs and bolt-ons. Please get in contact with us so that we can review your services and propose best course of action in order to possibly retain the price or alternatively provide more value to your services.
1st November 2022 | Price Change Notification
As a result of severe inflationary pressure impacting our direct and indirect supply costs, we are reluctantly giving notice of increases across certain products.

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Mobile pricing updates by date

As communicated in April 2022, we are applying a base-wide O2 price adjustment from 1st August 2022. A standard
fixed uplift of 7.5% has been implemented on all monthly service fees across existing and future connections on O2.
This includes: Line Rentals, Bolt-ons and Shared Data Bundles.

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To align with the networks’ own policies, we can clarify that as of 1st January 2022, we will introduce a daily
roaming fee of £2.00 ex. VAT on all Vodafone tariff changes*, resigns and new connections.
This new daily fee will be known as ETS – European Travel Select and will be relevant across all current and legacy
propositions, with sole exception of our current VodaShare Plus Unlimited Data tariffs that include TravelFree and
TravelPlus. In addition, charges will not apply when roaming in Ireland or Isle of Man.
It’s also worth noting that at this stage, we do not have any plans to introduce similar fees on our O2 One & Only

*Only base tariff changes will be considered a tariff change. Subscription level and account level bolt-ons/bundle
adjustments arenot considered tariff changes

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In line with the recent Vodafone changes, we have made some changes to our Fair Usage Policy. In the instance of
Vodafone unlimited data tariffs, charges of £6.68 per GB will apply as standard after the initial 25GB roaming allowance is

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We can now offer e-SIM on O2 network for mobile phones. Please contact us for more information.

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With immediate effect the following bundles are being retired:
O2SO100- O2 O&O Special 100GB
O2SO100IC- O2 O&O Special 100GB + IC

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on 13 November 2019

For the latest changes in our Vodafone and O2 mobile plans please check our mobiles page.


Millions of telephone users across the UK will benefit from clearer call charges being introduced next month by Ofcom.

From 1 July, landline and mobile charges will become clearer for calls to numbers starting 084, 087, 09 and 118, while Freephone will become free from mobiles.

People use these `service numbers` every day for finding out information, contacting a business or helpline, or using competition, directory-enquiry, entertainment and voting services.

Until now, callers to these numbers have not generally been told by the service provider how much they will be charged.

But prices will become clearer on telephone bills, in marketing and in advertising from 1 July, under changes known as UK Calling.

From 1 July, charges for service numbers will be made up of an access charge going to the phone company, plus a `service charge` set by the company or organisation being called.

Phone companies will be responsible for setting their access charge, making it clear to consumers on their bills and informing new customers of the charge when they sign up to a contract.

Separately, the service provider – the party being contacted – will specify its service charge wherever it advertises or communicates the phone number.

So consumers will be able to understand the exact cost of making the call by adding the access and service charges together. They will also be able to compare the prices of different service providers more easily, and also choose a provider with a competitive access charge when signing up to a new landline or mobile deal.

What callers will see
Currently, callers are given information such as:

“Calls cost xp per minute from a BT landline. Calls may vary from other landlines and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more.”
Under the new system, the cost of calls will be explained in a simpler format such as:
“Calls cost xp per minute, plus your phone company`s access charge.”

Freephone will mean free

Also as part of UK Calling, from the start of next month Freephone numbers (beginning 0800 and 0808) will become free for consumers to call from mobile phones, just as they generally are from landlines.

You can find out more information at www.ukcalling.info

Other Service Charges