Guardian Security

Enterprise-grade email and web security for any type or size of business
Guardian Security is a multi-tenanted, best of breed technology that provides a layered security solution to protect your customers from cyber attacks
One in three small firms (35%) say they have not installed security software over the past two years
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65% of large organisations reported that they have suffered an information security breach in the past year
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With just one click of a button, you can protect your customers against 95% of all cyber threats – no policy set ups and no security expertise required.
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Guardian security - mail
Guardian Mail

We offer full protection through Guardian Mail, a highly reliable, scalable and richly featured Cloud-based email security service.

£2.85 - 20% OFF

Guardian security mail & web
Guardian Web Protect

Our web security solution offers real-time protection and complete visibility into internet activity, helping businesses remain vigilant against cyber attacks.

£5.85 - 20% OFF

Why Guardian Security?
Easy to buy, easy to sell

Available on a monthly subscription basis with no upfront fees

Super fast set up

No software installation required, meaning the service can be activated within minutes

Comprehensive Support

Our team of experts offer 24/7 support

Simple to use

Pre-configured with all security policies for your customers’ needs

Protection from the latest threats

Connected in real-time to the world’s largest threat intelligence service

Flexible and scalable

Allows you to adapt the solution to your customers’ needs

Less than the cost of a cup of coffee, per user per month.
On a simple monthly contract.
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