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Digital transformation is here, make sure you keep up with the times, provide modern solutions for your business.

It’s time to become more productive.
Stop wasting your precious time on time-consuming organisation tasks, file sharing and managing physical paperwork. 

Dropbox have the solutions that will help to unlock your productivity through innovative
electronic signature solutions, intuitive workflows and a robust platform of collaboration features.

of the working day is spent on unproductive tasks*

Dropbox cloud storage

Dropbox offers more than just a cloud storage solution. The growing need for flexible work has provided the push for even better ways to be more productive.
Dropbox’s suite of solutions can help your teams to become more efficient, especially when working in a remote or hybrid environment.

Dropbox & Orbex Are Better Together

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Secure Cloud Storage

Robust content controls and custom data residency options keep your valuable data safe

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Secure Cloud Storage

Easily track and share legallybinding electronic signatures, all while producing less waste

With Dropbox’s Secure Collaboration Solution, your team will ensure data security and compliance while simplifying team and content management. With robust content controls help you safeguard your company’s most important assets. The easy-to-use platform helps boost collaboration and productivity for all types of teams, while the ever-evolving infrastructure ensures data remains protected.

Secure Cloud Storage

Dropbox BusinessCore Product

A secure and agile workspace that fuels productivity for end users and empowers
you with the visibility and controls you need

Data Governance ToolsAdd-On

Tools to manage, secure, retain, recover, and audit company data

Secure TransferElevated Feature

The most secure and auditable way to deliver and track important files and folders

Data MigrationAdd-on

Quickly migrate files and associated permissions from on-premise file servers and existing cloud storage solutions to Dropbox Business

Advanced Team & Content Control – Add-On

Expanded security capabilities to help you efficiently and securely manage your Dropbox deployment

How do you secure your data today especially as company information enters, leaves, and is shared around the organization?
What Makes Dropbox the Right Option?

PDF editing – Avoid spammy websites and unnecessary tools when you need to edit a PDF. Save time by editing PDFs without leaving your cloud storage platform.

Dropbox Paper – track and manage your projects with the innovative Dropbox Paper solution. Included as standard, this solution helps keep teams on the same page, while
allowing tasks to be easily delegated, without having to leave Dropbox.

Shadow IT – Many users are already using Dropbox basic, but they will be missing the key benefits of Dropbox Advanced or Enterprise plans. Ensure that you benefit from all of the additional features of Dropbox Plans.

Dropbox Transfer – Have confidence that you can share files securely. Even if external
collaborators aren’t on Dropbox, you can still share up to 250GB externally without worrying about the security of these files.

HelloSign helps you get documents signed fast, without compromising on security or compliance. With full audit trails that minimise the contractual arguments and disputes, e-signature can be even more powerful than traditional handwritten signatures.

HelloSign’s intuitive interface ensures that your team get documents signed quickly and effectively, to give them time to focus on business critical tasks.

Why Digital Signature?

Not only do electronic signatures keep work flowing, they lessen your carbon footprint. Getting a signature online helps reduce paper waste and greenhouse gasses by eliminating the need to transport documents between destinations. And, of course, using an e-signature workflow reduces paper and postal costs—and the time spent managing physical paperwork, too.

Why Digital Signature?

An unlimited number of signature requests means you can benefit from a consistent cost that doesn’t blow the budget. With a suite of integrations, HelloSign works with the solutions that you already have in place. This makes it even easier to switch to a digital-first signature solution.

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