Cyber Security Audit and analysis

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With more and more businesses suffering from cyber attacks since the pandemic, organisations are looking to further tighten security to protect their assets and reputations.
The gold standard for safeguarding your business is a security operations centre (SOC). This is a dedicated unit tasked with defending your business and keeping your data and assets safe.

“Sixty percent of medium-sized businesses experienced a cyber-security breach or attack in the last 12 months. Twenty-five percent of those at least weekly” *
*Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019
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Taking Cyber Security Seriously

Your organisation’s data is at the very heart of its operations. But its security is constantly being challenged. Security threats can come from different sources such as insecure networks or poor backups. A complete security audit is the only way to identify vulnerabilities that can cause data breaches resulting in lost revenue, reputational damage or worse; halted operations.

A cyber and IT security audit can help ensure that your organisation achieves an acceptable level of information security by identifying and closing any gaps that exist in the infrastructure.

INTERSYS IT and cyber security audit services
INTERSYS IT and Cyber Security Assessment

Disaster recovery Backups

Protect against data loss. Network resiliency — we test how likely your systems are to fail so that we can make sure you are always up and running.

Infrastructure security Password hygiene

Help prevent hacking by checking the security of your passwords. Internal firewalls — stop viruses from spreading, so one virus cannot take down your whole network.

Data security Access rights

Enabled on least permissions basis. This minimises data leakage and vulnerability. External data availability — we check what information can be accessed outside of the organisation, so that you know your data is safe.

Internet security Web presence

We check how much of your information is out there, to help protect you against identify fraud. Firewall setup — with the correct firewall, no unauthorised data or threats can enter the network and you know your information is safe.

Anti-virus Operating systems

We make sure the latest security patches are being applied so you are protected against any software exploitations.

What is Gap Analysis in Cyber Security?

A cyber security gap analysis provides an organisation with insights into the current status of its cyber security approaches and vulnerabilities. It shows what you are doing and compares it against best practices for technical and procedural controls, as well as industry standards, such as the NIST Framework, ISO27001, GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA or PCI DSS. 

What are the Main Causes of Cyber-Security Gaps?

They are myriad. Problems can range from lack of monitoring, vulnerabilities caused by emerging work-from-home policies, weaknesses in third-party vendor services and employees not following best practice. (Assuming they even know what that is.) This final point is crucial. So often, businesses grow faster than their cyber-security policies and approaches. This is the biggest gap that needs closing.

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