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Code of practice

Introduction to Orbex

Orbex Solutions is a company that specialises in finding the right voice and data solutions for small and medium sized organisations. Its three directors are all from a technical background, totalling over 40 years of experience between them.

The experience gained in the service industry is invaluable when applied to a consultancy task or a sales meeting. We find there are many questions that need to be answered there and then and, as with most projects, time is of the essence.

Orbex Solutions has fully accredited engineers to install and support a vast range of systems. Anyone can sell you a business telephone system, but not everyone can offer you the peace of mind that comes with the right solution tailored for your business communication needs.

At Orbex we pride ourselves on our customer service and we always go that extra mile to ensure our customers receive the best level of care and expertise. We offer a complete end-to-end service; from system design and installation, to support and network services. Our caring and well qualified staff can provide independent, expert advice in any area of communication. Based in central London, we specialise in finding the right voice and data solution for small and medium size organisations – let us find the right solution for you.

Our offices are located in Baker Street, London and we find that our central location is of great importance to our customers who value our quick response times when a site visit is needed.

How to contact Orbex?
Contact us - Orbex Solutions

Accurist House, 44 Baker St, Marylebone, London W1U 7AL, UK



020 3597 4000

Aims of the Orbex Code of Practice

The purpose of this Code of Practice is to inform you of your relationship with us, and to bring to your attention important details concerning your purchase of services from us.

  • To ensure there is a clear pre-contractual information readily available regarding the terms and conditions of Orbex`s services including pricing, payment and service availability;
  • To inform the Customers of their relationship with Orbex and what liabilities that include
  • To outline the main services we offer
  • To enhance the reputation of Orbex by promoting standards over and above those required by law and regulation
  • To explain how you can pay your bills
  • To outline main features of specific services

Services Provided

Orbex Solutions provides Telecommunication Services, Voice over Internet Protocol, services to its customers and being a member of ITSPA subscribes to ITSPA’s Code of Practice Version 3 which can be found here. We aim to conform to all regulations and best practices provided by ITSPA and if you wish to contact them for any reason then you can find all required information here. Being in the Telecoms industry we strive to ensure we conform by all Ofcom regulations, for any reasons should feel the need to contact Ofcom you can find all the required information here.  

Our Services

  • Telephone lines & VoIP
  • Telephone Systems
  • Avaya Telephone Systems
  • Telephone System Installation
  • Telephone System Maintenance
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Business Broadband
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Managed IT
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Hosting
  • Mobile Solutions and Tariffs
  • CCTV
  • Door Access
  • Call Phreak
  • Network Data Cabling
  • Cable Testing
  • Telephone Answering Service
  • Web Design

Services Pricing

Orbex Solutions prices are availabe on request.
For pricing and FREE quotes please:

Our Values

In this highly competitive global marketplace, successful companies are defined not only by what they make and sell, but also by who they are and for what they stand. Orbex`s commitments to ethical behavior and doing business with integrity are at the heart of our corporate character. The following set of values serves as a daily guide to operating with integrity in this complex environment in which we do business:

Customer Value – We deliver unparalleled value to our customers. Only by serving our customers well do we justify our existence as a business. We view our success as dependent on our customers success, both now and in the future.

Diversity – Our value as a company is realized by recognizing the value of each individual. We embrace diversity as a competitive advantage essential to our success. We are a company in every sense geographically, strategically and culturally.

Innovation – We embrace change, for ourselves and for our customers and partners. We foster creativity, innovation and risk-taking that will enhance value and improve our customers businesses and our own. We use technology as a strategic tool.

Velocity – We win by combining speed and direction. Our sense of urgency is manifested in timely, customer-focused execution. We understand that the best decisions balance thoughtfulness and speed.

Orbex Solutions values shape the behavior and decisions of all Orbex directors, officers and employees, and we continue to define and refine our values as our company grows. Our values apply to the way we deal with our customers, our partners, our suppliers, the communities in which we work and live and most of all one another. We recognize that integrity and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.

Among other things, Operating with Integrity requires that we behave in law-abiding and ethical ways, that we comply with corporate policies in all our business relationships, dealings and activities, and that we share these expectations with our business partners, contractors and consultants. Operating with Integrity should be followed even when it seems that violating it would be to Orbex`s advantage.

Our Colleagues

A. We Recognize and Respect the Diversity of our Colleagues and Have A Strongly Enforced Policy for Acts or Practices of Discrimination or Harassment

Orbex Solutions is committed to providing a work environment that nurtures each employee as an individual and an important member of the culturally diverse. In keeping with this commitment and our value of mutual respect, Orbex is committed to providing a work environment free from discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual preference or orientation, marital status or any other unlawful factor. This means that we comply with applicable civil rights and employment legislation at the local, state and national levels, and we do not discriminate unlawfully in any aspect of employment, including recruiting, hiring, compensation, promotion or termination. It also means that Orbex Solutions does not permit conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

This conduct includes, but is not limited to: racist, sexist, ethnic or homophobic comments or jokes; sexual advances or inappropriate physical contact; or sexually oriented gestures, pictures, jokes or statements.

If you believe that you are the victim of discriminatory or harassing conduct or you have witnessed such conduct directed at one of your colleagues, you are encouraged to report that conduct to your supervisor.

All complaints made in good faith will be investigated promptly and without reprisal to the person initiating the investigation. Therefore, it is imperative that you report all such conduct as soon as possible.

To the extent possible and consistent with Orbex`s obligations under law and Orbex policy, Orbex Solutions will maintain the confidentiality of anyone reporting a complaint. After an investigation is completed, disciplinary action, if appropriate, will be taken up to and including termination of persons found to have engaged in prohibited discriminatory or harassing conduct.

B. We Respect the Privacy of Employee Records

Orbex Solutions recognizes that privacy is important to each of us. Therefore limits access to and knowledge of employee records to people who need the information for legitimate purposes.

If you have access to employee records or personnel information about co-workers, take precautions to ensure it isn’t misused or disclosed improperly. You should not disclose such information without the authorization of a member of the HR or Law teams. In addition, observe all applicable laws regarding employee information, including those regarding information gathering, those requiring maintenance of records for a specific time and at a specific location, and those limiting the movement of personnel data across national borders.

C. We Work to Ensure a Safe Work Environment

Orbex Solutions is committed to making the work environment safe and healthy for its employees and others and to complying with all applicable laws and regulations relating to safety and health in the workplace. Information is made available to employees about procedures that are in place to protect them from generally recognized workplace hazards. It is our policy to report and address dangerous conditions immediately so that workplace accidents are minimized.

In day-to-day operations, Orbex Solutions is committed to integrating safety, health and ergonomics into design, manufacturing, installation, use, maintenance and service of products. To help ensure a safe and healthy work environment, Orbex Solutions prohibits certain activities. Examples include:

  • any unsafe work practice that creates a dangerous work environment for any person, including the employee, contractor, etc., who engages in the unsafe work practice. If the unsafe work practice is partially or wholly attributable to lack of equipment to perform the task properly and safely, any employee or contractor who obtains knowledge of such condition must promptly report it to his or her supervisor or other manager in a position to take corrective action. Further, work should be suspended until the unsafe work condition has been removed.
  • threatening or violent behavior or even the suggestion of such behavior toward others, including co-workers, customers and suppliers.
  • possession of firearms, explosives or other weapons anywhere on company property or while conducting company business; and willful destruction of company property or the property of others.

D. Illegal Drugs Have No Place at Orbex Solutions

Orbex Solutions is committed to a drug-free workplace. The misuse of drugs, both legal and illegal, interferes with a safe, healthy and productive work environment and is prohibited. Specifically, Orbex prohibits the use, possession, distribution or sale of illegal drugs by its directors, officers and employees. Furthermore, no director, officer or employee may conduct business at Orbex Solutions while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Promoting Orbex Solutions Interests and Protecting Orbex Solutions Assets

A. We Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Directors, officers and employees should avoid situations in which their personal interests might conflict, or appear to conflict, with the interests of Orbex. Conflicts of interest may arise in many types of situations, such as when an individual`s financial or other outside interests produce conflicting loyalties, interfere with job performance, or are adverse to the interests of Orbex.

It is Orbex`s policy that officers and employees do not:

  • enter into unauthorized business relationships with competitors. Accordingly, officers and employees may not own a competing business or assist any unauthorized person outside Orbex, including family or friends, in the planning, design, manufacture, sale, purchase, installation or maintenance of products that compete or could compete with Orbex`s products or any work performed by Orbex;
  • accept any “friends and family” stock or stock option grants or receive compensation in connection with serving on an “advisory board” from a supplier, customer or channel partner with whom you conduct business on behalf of Orbex;
  • receive securities from any underwriter or other financial institution (e.g., receive an allocation of shares of stock in a public offering conducted by another company) in connection with or in exchange for Orbex Solutions use of that underwriter or financial institution for investment banking or other services;
  • have a financial interest in privately-held suppliers, customers or channel partners (or own more than a small percentage of a public entity) with whom you conduct (or can reasonably expect to conduct) business on behalf of Orbex;
  • use Orbex Solutions name, information, property, time or other resources to perform outside activities such as a second job or volunteer, political or community activities not specifically sponsored or approved by the company. These activities must always be kept separate from your duties for Orbex;
  • accept a position on a Board of Directors without referring to and complying with Orbex Solutions or
  • use any elective or appointed social, political or governmental position, paid or voluntary, within the community to interfere with Orbex business.

Orbex Solutions employees must avoid not only financial relationships or other situations between themselves and other businesses that could result in conflicts of interest, but also circumstances in which their immediate family members are involved in these kinds of financial relationships or situations. This does not mean that an employee`s family members are prohibited from being employed by one of Orbex customers, competitors or suppliers.

B. We do not Allow Gifts or Entertainment to Influence Decision-Making

It is Orbex Solutions policy that directors, officers and employees should not seek, accept or provide, directly or indirectly, gifts, entertainment or other favors of the type or amount that go beyond common courtesies consistent with ethical and accepted business practices. You should avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. Accordingly, cash payments are strictly prohibited.

As a general rule, you can accept a gift from non-governmental customers, suppliers or business partners if it’s unsolicited, inexpensive and not given to influence your judgment. Otherwise, you should decline the gift and explain Orbex Solutions policy to the gift-giver. Employees should consult their supervisor if there is any question about a gift.

Employees may provide reasonable (not lavish) entertainment and meals to non-governmental customers, suppliers or other business partners, provided that the entertainment is related to a proper business purpose, that it is not being offered to influence the recipient`s business decision, and that it is permitted under applicable laws, regulations, and rules. Similarly, you should consult your supervisor before accepting an invitation for entertainment that seems lavish or excessive.

Gifts and entertainment for officials and employees of governments, whether in the U.S. or elsewhere, are highly regulated and often prohibited. It is Orbex Orbex Solutions policy that employees and agents should never provide government officials with gifts, entertainment or meals, or cover travel-related expenses of those officials, without satisfying all applicable company policies and procedures for those types of payments. Consistent with applicable laws and company policy, improper payments or gifts provided to government officials in order to obtain or retain business for Orbex are strictly prohibited. Employees who require further guidance can send an email with their questions to support@orbex.co.uk

C. We Report Information in Accordance with Laws and Regulations

It is Orbex Solutions policy that there be full, fair, accurate, complete, objective, timely and understandable disclosure in all reports and documents that Orbex Solutions files with or submits to government and self-regulatory agencies and in other public communications made by Orbex.

There should be no undocumented or improperly approved side agreements with vendors, customers, business partners or other third parties. All representations and warranties regarding the performance or capability of Orbex Solutions products or services should be contained in the final written contract. All side agreements to a written contract should be referenced in the contract. Documentation should clearly indicate if Orbex Solutions products are being moved to a location other than the customer`s place of business or another site specified by the customer. The documentation must be provided to the appropriate recipient in a timely fashion. Questions about requirements for financial reporting, including revenue recognition rules, may be directed to the Accounting and you should send mail or call Orbex Solutions for more information.

D. We Obtain Authorizations and Signatures Before Finalizing Commitments

Orbex Solutions Ltd has adopted detailed guidelines that specify (based on organization and level) which employees have the authority to approve Orbex Solutions entry into specific types of transactions. In addition, Orbex has adopted detailed guidelines that specify (based on organization) who can sign contracts and other documents on behalf of Orbex Solutions Ltd once they have been approved.

With that in mind, before signing an agreement on behalf of Orbex Solutions, you should review those documents. Remember, the obligation to check is yours; our suppliers and customers are not required to know if a document has been properly approved and signed.

E. We Safeguard Orbex Solutions Funds and Property

We are all responsible for safeguarding company funds and property by following procedures to prevent their loss, theft, embezzlement or unauthorized destruction.

If you learn that any of those types of activities have occurred or are about to occur,
you should report it immediately to Orbex Solutions at 44 Baker Street, W1U 7AL, London, or

F. We Use Orbex Solutions Assets and Resources for Legitimate Business Purposes

Orbex Solutions assets and resources should be used for legitimate business purposes. Orbex has the right to monitor, in accordance with applicable laws and procedures, individual use of corporate assets and resources . For example, Orbex Solutions may monitor an individual`s use of network services (e.g., internet and e-mail access), including visits to websites and e-mail messages, at its sole discretion and without notice. Orbex Solutions Ltd assets, including its computers and network resources, should never be used in any way that is disruptive or offensive to others or to access, download, distribute or view:

  • sexually explicit content including images, messages or cartoons;
  • any conversation that contains or refers to ethnic slurs, racial epithets or anything that may be construed as harassment or disparagement of others based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual preference or orientation, marital status or any other unlawful factor;
  • slanderous/libelous content;
  • threatening or harassing messages or chain letters;
  • content of an illegal nature, such as software you are not licensed to use; or
  • other content that could be construed as hostile or inconsistent with Orbex Solutions values.

G. We Follow Orbex Solutions Intellectual Property Policies

We Protect Orbex`s Intellectual Property

Patents, trademarks, service marks and copyrights represent various forms of intellectual property. Certain national and international laws and treaties govern the manner in which intellectual property rights are created, maintained and protected. With that in mind, in addition to protecting Orbex Solutions physical property, we must safeguard its intellectual property.

We Safeguard the Confidentiality of Orbex Solutions Proprietary Information

Proprietary information is information or knowledge that Orbex Solutions has determined should not be disclosed to others, except in limited circumstances. When there is a legitimate business need to disclose this kind of information outside Orbex or where disclosure is sought by legal process, a nondisclosure agreement should be executed with the third party receiving the information. Otherwise, Orbex Solutions Ltd confidential or proprietary information should not be disclosed, even after your employment with Orbex Solutions ceases.

We Respect Other Parties Rights to Proprietary Information, Including Intellectual Property

From time to time, Orbex Solutions is given access to the confidential or proprietary information of others, including customers and suppliers. Other parties confidential or proprietary information should be used only for the purposes for which it was obtained. If information received by Orbex is covered by the terms of a nondisclosure agreement, you must ensure that it is safeguarded and used in accordance with the terms of that agreement.

Third-party proprietary information may include intellectual property rights. It is Orbex Solutions policy to respect the intellectual property rights of others. Before utilizing the intellectual property of others, obtain the necessary authorization. When entering into agreements to utilize the intellectual property of others, be sure to observe all the obligations contained in the agreements.

With respect to copyrights, you may not reproduce, distribute or alter copyrighted materials without permission of the copyright owner or its authorized agents. Moreover, software used in connection with Orbex Solutions business must be properly licensed and used only in accordance with the terms of that license. Using unlicensed software in any manner could constitute copyright infringement. Unauthorized copying of software is a violation of copyright law and Orbex Solutions policy.

H. We Speak on Behalf of Orbex Solutions Only if We have Authority to do so

Comments made by Orbex Solutions directors, officers, employees and contractors in a variety of contexts, including in connection with user groups, standards bodies, trade shows, press interviews and even on-line chat rooms and newsgroups, may be perceived by outsiders as representing “official” Orbex Solutions positions. As a result, you should:

  • never speak on behalf of Orbex Solutions unless authorized to do so – do not assume that your communications will not be attributed to you;
  • work with an Orbex Solutions representative to reply to all press inquiries and to review all public statements such as press releases;
  • be sensitive to situations in which your identity as an Orbex Solutions director, officer or employee is known and may result in your being viewed as speaking on behalf of Orbex ? in those situations, you should make it very clear that the views you express are solely your own;
  • never publicly disclose (in conversation, in chat rooms, via email, or otherwise) Orbex Solutions Ltd confidential information or the confidential information of any third party; and
  • recognize that all unauthorized disclosures, even those made anonymously, constitute violations of company policy, and, if discovered, could result in discipline.

Technologies such as cellular telephones and e-mail have given us many new communications options. However, security vulnerabilities of these technologies also pose challenges for Orbex Solutions. As a result, you should avoid communicating Orbex Solutions proprietary information over cell phones in a manner that could be understood by outsiders.Similarly, e-mail sent over the Internet (i.e., outside the Orbex Solutions firewall) that contains Orbex`s proprietary information should be encrypted handled and sent with caution and care.

In addition, you should be aware of your surroundings at all times. Avoid the use of speakerphones when possible and do not discuss sensitive company matters in public places, such as airplanes, restaurants or bars, or in restrooms, hallways, lobbies and elevators.

J. We Prohibit Insider Trading

Insider trading laws prohibit the purchase or sale of any corporate securities, (including those of our customers, suppliers, channel partners and others), non-public information.

Information is considered to be “nonpublic” until the morning of the business day after it has been disclosed through a public announcement (e.g., press releases or other type of publishing).

A person who violates insider-trading laws is subject to severe criminal and civil penalties.

If you have questions about insider trading please:

K. We Maintain Records in Accordance with our Records Management Policy

Accurate and complete records are critical in meeting Orbex Solutions financial, legal and management obligations, as well as in fulfilling our obligations to customers, suppliers, employees, government agencies and others. Examples of Company records include, but are not limited to, contracts, employee and payroll records, vouchers, bills, time reports, billing records, measurement, performance and production records, and other essential data.

When working with company records, remember:

  • to prepare them accurately, in a timely manner, and in reasonable detail;
  • where applicable, to sign them only if they are accurate and complete; and
  • to retain records, whether hard copy or electronic, in accordance with Orbex Solutions procedures

For more information about managing company records, please

Quality assurance

We maintain the quality of what we do through constant on-going review with our clients, of all aims, activities, outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of every activity. We encourage regular review meetings and provide regular progress reports.


We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings with potential, current and past clients, both in terms of normal commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal information received in the course of providing the business services concerned. We extend the same standards to all our customers, suppliers and associates. No personal details will be passed on unless requested by a duly authorised Governing body.

Emergency calls

We shall provide access to 999/112 public emergency call services and shall take all reasonable steps to provide uninterrupted access to such services. However it is possible that the Services may become unavailable as a result of things over which We have no control, for example, failures of service provider due to whether or other elemens. In such circumstances all services (including 999/112 public emergency call services) will be unavailable.

Our Services may not provide Your phone number and location details to the operator of 999/112 public emergency call services if You make a public emergency services call. You may have to provide Your location information and phone number verbally to the operator. If the Services are to be used principally at a single, fixed location, You must register with Us the address of the place where the service will be used, in order to assist emergency services organisations.

Complaints and dispute resolution

Orbex Solutions is committed to providing excellent service to all our clients and endeavour to deal with any complaint fairly and within a reasonable period of time. However, should a customer remain dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, they are welcomed to contact us whereupon we will do our utmost to resolve the problem as quickly as is reasonably practicable. We operate a complaints procedure to help ensure that any complaints are dealt with efficiently and to your satisfaction.

Should you wish to receive a hard copy of this Complaints and Dispute Resolution procedure, please email your request to support@orbex.co.uk. If you have a problem with the way we have sold, provisioned or delivered the service to you, you should:


  • In the first instance write via email to support@orbex.co.uk. We aim to respond to you within 24 hours. Please ensure you retain Ticket reference number. Our customer service staff will do their utmost to successfully resolve any problems at that point, if however, your problem cannot be resolved, we will agree a course of action with you.
  • In the unlikely event that your complaint has not been resolved by Orbex Solutions to your satisfaction within a period of eight weeks, or if during the process of investigating your complaint you believe the situation has reached a deadlock, you may refer your complaint to Ombudsman Services for independent consideration. Ombudsman Services will make an independent decision based entirely on the merits of the complaint.



Data Protection

Orbex may use your personal information together with other information for providing telecommunication services, marketing, administration and training. We may disclose your information to service providers and agents for these purposes. We may also keep your information for a reasonable period of time for marketing purposes in order to contact you about our services, but you can choose not to receive such marketing material at any time by notifying us in writing.

Terms and Conditions

The Contract/Service Agreement you sign to request our services has the terms and conditions detailed and you will be left a copy. The Terms and Conditions describe the general legal and contractual obligations between our customers and us. The details of the terms and conditions will vary depending on the kind of the service we offer.

General terms and conditions can be viewed and downloaded

Copy of Code of Conduct

You can obtain a copy of this Code of Practice by contacting us on info@orbex.co.uk or clicking on this link and downloading it Orbex Code of Conduct.pdf

Special measures for end-users with disabilities

Any of our literature, including this code, are available in large print or audio format. Please contact Orbex Support with your full name, address and telephone number so that we can send it to you or contact you in the unlikely event of a problem.

Priority fault repair. In order to take advantage of our priority fault repair service, customers with special needs must pre-register their requirements with us. Please note that priority fault repair is only available for some products and services and may also incur a separate charge. Please contact our Support for more information.


Operating with Integrity identifies a fundamental and powerful principle at Orbex Solutions a deep respect for the contributions of each person to the success of the team, whether they be colleagues at Orbex, customers, suppliers, or anyone else in the many places around the world where we live and work. To ensure the future success of Orbex Solutions, this principle must always guide our actions.

Registered Office

Orbex Solutions Ltd.
Accurist house
44 Baker Street
London W1U 7AL
United Kingdom

Orbex Solutions Ltd. is a company registered in England.
Company number: 04219670
VAT Registration: 774 3745 00

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