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Line Rental

Why not transfer both your calls and lines away from BT to Orbex Solutions Ltd. Lines can be transferred across to the Orbex network with minimal fuss and on a like-for-like basis. No site visit is required and no change in your existing numbers. All you get differently from today is lower costs and a better service.


The Benefits


  • One single bill for both your phone lines and calls.

  • A support helpline you can actually get through to!

  • No change in numbers or BT services such as divert or call waiting.

  • Lower cost line rental as well as calls elevator shoes for men.

  • You don't need to do anything - it will happen remotely.


Business Phone and ISDN Lines


Moving office? Growing your staff? If you need more telephony capacity, whether more analogue lines or more ISDN lines, talk to us about your telephony services requirements. Orbex can make it happen quickly, seamlessly and cost effectively. ISDN enables businesses to bring together voice solutions combining both down a single line, enabling you to connect multiple devices to the line and make 2 calls or more at the same time.

Why buy a Business Phone Line or ISDN from Orbex Solutions Ltd?

  • Low cost monthly line rental elevator shoes

  • A support helpline you can actually get through to!

  • A local business partner with a small company service ethos

  • Can be sold as part of a much broader solution from a single supplier

  • We take the pain of managing BT on your behalf


For more information call 0203 597 4000 or email support@orbex.co.uk



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