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SARK phone systems are outstanding value, fully featured phone systems based on Asterisk software. Unlike standard phone systems, you buy one server that comes loaded with a full range of features. Designed to be resilient, flexible and easy to use, SARK is outstanding value for money.

SARK is a UK developed telephone system built on the Asterisk open source platform. It is a well established and robust PBX that has several thousands worldwide deployments, from small home run businesses right up to hosted platforms running business parks with over 400 extensions. SARK PBX also has many unique features which give it a substantial edge over its competitors, particularly in the areas of high-availability and remote platform support.


SARK Phone System range:


The SARK 200 is set to break new ground in the small business PBX market place. With it's ease of installation, eco-friendly power consumption, aggressive pricing and full function "big" PBX features it provides a compelling solution for any small business. The new SARK 200 embedded PBX is ideal for small businesses on a budget. It delivers a level of "big switch" functionality and flexibility previously unheard of at such a low price point.

The new SARK 500 is a PBX for small business of up to 20 extensions. The SARK 500 not only provides small business with an un-rivaled level of telephony features it also has the flexibility to bridge the gap between the latest in IP technologies and traditional telephony. The appliance can be configured with up to 8 standard analogue lines (CO), 8 ISDN2e lines or 4 GSM lines.

The SARK 850 is designed for medium to large size companies of up to 50 people or extensions. The system is built in a rack mount chasis and designed to be fitted within a standard computer comms cabinet. As with its smaller brother the IP50 is a true IP system ready for VoIP services but also has the flexibility to connect to both ISDN 2 lines or a Primary rate ISDN circuit for a up to 30 lines.

The SARK 1000 is designed for heavy duty use and for companies with up to 150 people. The system fits into a standard 19 inch server rack and has the added advantages of having a lockable removable hard-drive containing all system settings. In addition the system is designed to be managed remotely via a web browser with regular health reports sent back to base on any hardware issues. The ProTalk Sark 1000 can connect to as many as 60 traditional telephone lines via dual ISDN Primary rate cards.

The SARK 1200 is designed for heavy duty use and for companies with up to 300 people. Highly recommended and reliable telephone system.




All systems run the same software, so no matter whether you are a small or large business the SARK feature set remains the same.


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