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Traditional Telephone Lines


Analog lines are often referred to as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines and provide a single analog communications circuit between the local end office (Class 5 switch) and the customer's telephone, key system, fax machine or modem. The analog line offers a reliable solution for routine business telecommunications applications.



  • Feature-rich & Felxible: Verison offers and ipresive array of local features that define and enhance its business line offering:
  • -Caller ID
  • -Call waiting
  • -Speed dialing
  • -Conference Call
  • No over subscription available: Analog Lines are compromised of one phone number per line (1:1 ratio)
  • Practical: A large office may provision business lines to use as a disaster recovery back up to local PBX solution

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    NO Call Connecting Charges

    NO Minimum Call Charges

    NO Capped Charges

    NO rounding to the nearest Minute

    Per Second Billing

    Dedicated Point of Contact

    High Level of Customer Service

    Level Of Support


    A high quality telephone connection is essential for business productivity. We offer two fixed line technologies to cater for both smaller and bigger businesses, whatever your requirements and make it as simple as possible to seamlessly switch your existing services over to us without any hassle.


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