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Why Orbex Lines & Calls?


Orbex's Lines & Calls delivers an easily deployable, cost effective and proven path for any businesses. Lines can be transferred across to the Orbex network with minimal fuss and on a like-for-like basis. No site visit is required and no change in your existing numbers. All you get differently from today is lower costs and a better service.


Orbex Connectivity


Orbex believes call quality is paramount and therefore calls are routed over the top UK carrier platforms. Being independent, enables us to choose the best value carriers for each service in order to provide a number of cost, flexibility, functionality and resilience benefits which are highlighted below:


The Business Benefits

  • Extremely competitive - a highly competitive call tariff that is guaranteed to beat BT Retail by 25%. Unlike other providers we don't have a call connect charge or a minimum call charge and we only bill by the second rather than the minute. Super quick transfer of your calls and lines to Orbex means that you can reduce costs immediately.
  • Stress Free Single Supplier Solution - business call charges, broadband and line rentals can all be seamlessly and effectively managed by Orbex - your single supplier. All services are streamlined on one bill saving you time and money.
  • Honest and Transparent - There are no hidden charges - e.g. we don't have any "call connect" charges.
  • Immediate savings - quick and easy to set up so you can start saving in a couple of weeks. There's nothing to do on your part - just say YES and we'll do it all for you and send you a copy of the contract.
  • Peace of Mind - our preferred UK networks such as C&WW and BT are UK's largest business network and are constantly monitored so you can be assured of maximum performance and reliability.
  • Highly flexible - as your business grows the service can be set up across an individual site or multiple sites and individual telephone numbers.
  • In control - ability to easily view and analyse your bills online.

    For more information call 08444 150 120 or email info@orbex.co.uk



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