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Professionally Recorded Bespoke Messaging


Whether you run a small business from home or work for a larger company, it is essential that your customers receive professional phone greetings when they call your number. The last thing you want is for a potential client to be turned off from your services because of an unclear or sloppy automated greeting.

A proper voicemail greeting can make a positive impression on your callers or it can alienate them before you even speak to them. Put yourself in your caller's place and ask yourself "How would I want to be treated if I couldn't immediately talk to the person that I called? What would I want to know from the voicemail greeting ? What should I do?"


Reasons to have a professional voice messaging in your business:

  • Engage callers from the first word they hear.
  • Reduce lost or abandoned calls and sales opportunities.
  • Stand out from your competitors and re-enforce your brand.
  • Promote awareness of products and services to customer waiting in queue or on hold.
  • Create cross and up-sell opportunities.
  • Deliver a professional image even when out of hours, bank holidays or during any period of disruption.
  • A wide variety of English language and foreign language voice artists to choose from.
  • 1000s of license free music tracks to choose from which means you don�t have to pay expensive license fees to have good quality music...

    Packages Available

    All projects are delivered on a 5 working day SLA from receipt of signed off scripts, voice and music choices


      SME PRO  


    Types of Messages Available:

  • Welcome Messages
  • Menu Options
  • Calls recorded messages
  • Informative in queue and on hold messages
  • Seasonal messages (Easter, Christmas, New Year)
  • Out of hours messages
  • Emergency announcements during any period of disruption
  • Voicemail messages
  • In queue & on hold productions (4 minute loops of music and messages mixed together)
  • Packages Available

    For more information call 0203 597 4000 or email support@orbex.co.uk



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