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    For the latest changes in our Vodafone and O2 mobile plans please check our mobiles page.

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    Mobile Changes July 2016

    Immediate changes to out of bundle pricing


    Further to price changes implemented on 23 July 2016, we will be adjusting our own out of bundle rate changes to fall in line with the network.

    The updated pricing is highlighted below in orange:

    Call type description New cost (pence per unit)
    On-net 45.84p per minute
    Cross-net 45.84p per minute
    Landline 45.84p per minute
    Voicemail 45.84p per minute
    SMS 29.17p per minute
    MMS 45.84p per minute
    Video call 45.84p per minute
    Video call- international 47.5p per minute
    Call return- Vodafone (up to 3600 seconds) Free of charge
    Call return- Vodafone (over 3600 seconds) 45.84p per minute
    Call return- landline 45.84p per minute
    Call return- cross-net 45.84p per minute
    Call return- personal numbering service 55.34p per minute
    International call- EU 125p per minute
    International call- ROW 167p per minute
    International SMS 29.17p per message 
    Non-geo access charge (084 & 087)* 45.84p per minute
    Premium call access charge (09)* 45.84p per minute
    Directory enquiries access charge (118)* 45.84p per minute
    Freephone (0800) Free of charge
    Radio paging services (i.e. 076) 45.84p per minute
    Personal numbering services (i.e. 07744/07755) 45.84p per minute
    Call forwarding services (i.e. 07744/07755) 45.84p per minute
    Data- mobile broadband only 5p per MB**
    *Service charges apply in addition to access charge rates supplied
    ** This price change was announced in July but goes live on 1 August 2016

    All price changes will be implemented with immediate effect from 1 August 2016.

    We would like to clarify that customers affected will not be charged on the 1 August 2016 invoice/CDR for relevant out of bundle costs between 23 July and 31 July 2016; these will instead be removed, re-rated at original pricing and applied against the 1 September 2016 invoice.


    Calling 084, 087, 09 or 118 numbers after 1 July 2015?


    From 1 July 2015, the regulator Ofcom is changing the way you`ll be charged for calling 084, 087, 09, and 118 numbers, in order to make the cost of calls clearer. The changes are being communicated through a campaign called UK Calling.

    If you have a contract with inclusive minutes, you can use your minutes to call standard UK mobile and landline numbers (beginning with 01, 02, 03).

    The cost of calling 0800 and 0808 from 1 July 2015, will be free for all mobile phone customers across all networks. You can find out more information at www.ukcalling.info

    You can find out the cost of making a calls to these numbers by clicking here.

    Special numbers

    Special numbers include the following:

    • 070 personal numbers
    • 076 paging numbers
    • 084, 087, 09 and 118 Service Numbers

    084, 087, 09 and 118 Service Numbers


    These Service Numbers are used to call a range of different companies, including directory enquiries (118), premium rate numbers (09) and general service numbers (084, 087).

    While the cost of calling some of these numbers can be just a few pence, others can cost several pounds, and it can sometimes be difficult to find out exactly how much you`re being charged.

    To make it clearer how you're being charged for these calls, the cost is split into two charges: the Access Charge and the Service Charge. You`ll then be able to calculate the total cost calling these numbers by adding together the following two charges:

    • The Access Charge - this is what we will charge you per minute for making the call and is set at 19.17 pence per minute, with a 1 minute minimum charge. This will be the same charge for all Service Numbers on your plan.
    • The Service Charge - this is the rest of the call charge, which will vary based on the organisation you`re calling, who must let you know how much this charge is. For example, if the Service Charge was 20p per minute, the organisation you are calling might say: "Calls cost 20p per minute, plus your phone company`s Access Charge". Depending on the number, the Service Charge may also include a connection charge.

    You can find out more information at www.ukcalling.info.

    Mobile Phone Network Access Charges Effective from 1st July 2015


    The table below displays Access Charges as set by the Vodafone and O2 networks:


    Access Charge (ppm ex. VAT)

    Orbex mobiles on O2


    Orbex mobiles on Vodafone Single Tariffs including Red (from July 1st 2015)


    Orbex mobiles on Vodafone Single Tariffs including Red (from August 10th 2015)


    Orbex mobiles on Vodafone Business Share / Choice (July 1st)



    Changes to EU Roaming rates


    Orbex mobiles on Vodafone network


    From 1st July 2015 Vodafone is updating its roaming rates in line with the current GBP to Euro exchange rate. This will affect its standard EU roaming rates as well as the data roaming caps in Europe and the Rest of World.


    Changes to European roaming rates are displayed in the table below:

    New European rates from 1st July 2015

    (Europe 1 roaming zone)

    New rates (ex. VAT)

    Making a call to another country


    Receiving a call from another country


    Sending an SMS text message


    Data (including mobile broadband)


    Picture message


    Data Cap

    GBP 36.39


    Orbex mobiles on O2 network


    From 1st July 2015, o2 is reducing its standard European roaming rates in line with the current GBP to Euro exchange rate; this will affect o2 customers making and receiving calls, sending SMS text messages and accessing data in Europe. Due to these changes, data allowances on the default and larger option plans will increase.


    Changes to European roaming rates are displayed in the table below:

    New rates from 1st July 2015

    (Zones 1 & 2 Western Europe, EU & non-EU)

    New rates (ex. VAT)

    Calls to the UK


    Calling within zone


    Calling out of zone


    Receiving a call


    Sending an SMS text message


    Sending a picture message


    Data (per MB)



    How does this price change affect small businesses?


    In line with Ofcoms regulations, small businesses (with ten employees or fewer) who have subscribed to a telecommunications contract and pay recurring charges such as line rental have the right to withdraw from their contract without paying early termination charges.**

    For further information on Ofcom regulations relating to small businesses, please visit http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/consultations/gc9/statement/guidance.pdf

    If you would like to discuss any of the points in this email further, please call us on 08444 150 120 to speak to one of our specialists.




    Millions of telephone users across the UK will benefit from clearer call charges being introduced next month by Ofcom.

    From 1 July, landline and mobile charges will become clearer for calls to numbers starting 084, 087, 09 and 118, while Freephone will become free from mobiles.

    People use these `service numbers` every day for finding out information, contacting a business or helpline, or using competition, directory-enquiry, entertainment and voting services.

    Until now, callers to these numbers have not generally been told by the service provider how much they will be charged.

    But prices will become clearer on telephone bills, in marketing and in advertising from 1 July, under changes known as UK Calling.

    From 1 July, charges for service numbers will be made up of an ‘access charge’ going to the phone company, plus a `service charge` set by the company or organisation being called.

    Phone companies will be responsible for setting their access charge, making it clear to consumers on their bills and informing new customers of the charge when they sign up to a contract.

    Separately, the service provider - the party being contacted – will specify its service charge wherever it advertises or communicates the phone number.

    So consumers will be able to understand the exact cost of making the call by adding the access and service charges together. They will also be able to compare the prices of different service providers more easily, and also choose a provider with a competitive access charge when signing up to a new landline or mobile deal.


    What callers will see


    Currently, callers are given information such as:

    "Calls cost xp per minute from a BT landline. Calls may vary from other landlines and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more."

    Under the new system, the cost of calls will be explained in a simpler format such as:

    "Calls cost xp per minute, plus your phone company`s access charge."


    Freephone will mean free


    Also as part of UK Calling, from the start of next month Freephone numbers (beginning 0800 and 0808) will become free for consumers to call from mobile phones, just as they generally are from landlines.

    You can find out more information at www.ukcalling.info


    Other Service Charges

    Charge Description Amount £ Occurrence
    Late Payment Fee £9.50 Per overdue invoice
    Cheque Processing Fee £4.50 Per invoice paid by cheque
    Cash Payment Fee £4.50 Per invoice paid by cash
    Payments to Incorrect Account £5.00 Per invoice paid
    Non DD Payment Fee £1.50 Per invoice
    Failed DD Administration Charge £35.00 Monthly until DD is reinstated


    For more information call 08444 150 120 or email info@orbex.co.uk



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