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Which telephony features will really be of benefit to you? Think about how people in your organisation work.

These questions will give you information about the capabilities of the applications and terminals you will need on a suitable system, including UC, Video, CTI applications, voicemail systems and programmable key modules. Your choice of PBX Platform should be made with these criteria in mind from the start, rather than treating them as ‘bolt-ons’, in order to get the best integration and ease of use.


Installation and maintenance requirements.


Some of the technology areas that may provide you with a business advantage are discussed here.


On-Premise versus Cloud Solution:
There are some differences between the two options. Understanding benefits and limitations makes it easier to determine the best option for any particular organization. Cost, expansion, and other considerations are laid out to make it possible to compare the hosted IP-PBX and the on-premise IP-PBX within the same categories to learn of the greatest differences.


Multiple Offices:
If your organisation has more than one site, most likely you can save money by routing calls between offices over a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on the Internet, rather than the PSTN.

This can be a particular benefit if your offices are located internationally. This may require setting up VOIP trunks.


Mobile Workers:
If staff move around your site a lot, but need to stay in touch, then DECT wireless handsets, WiFi Handsets or Smart Phone client may provide a big benefit, by allowing people to stay in contact while on the move.

Modern Business DECT and IP systems offer all of the benefits of PBX connected desk phones, allowing access to voicemail and call transfers while away from the desk.


Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
If your organisation uses a Customer Relations Management Package (CRM), or a computer based contact manager, you can often make life simpler by connecting the telephone system with the computer application.

This can allow calls to be made directly from your chosen application, which saves having the numbers stored in two places, and makes it much quicker to find contacts and place calls, through “click to dial” functionality.

The above should get you off to a strong start with putting together a fundamental “requirements list” that will put you in good stead when you begin looking at potential solutions.


Call traffic analysis: MONITORING & REPORTING
Without control and analysis there is no strategy. Some systems offer you real-time call activity monitoring tools and SLA metric.


By introducing efficient communication systems into your business environment, you can save up to 25% of your working time, increase the company productivity and the employee engagement. Collaboration web interface offers a customizable view of colleagues, grouped by work teams, and provides real-time presence information of users.


Support & Maintenance
Orbex operates a 24×7 Service Desk operation within our Customer Services department. The Service Desk is responsible for logging calls and automatically escalation them against pre-defined Operational Level Agreements to the correct area within Orbex or third party.