Cabling services


Orbex Solutions LTD is finest and most innovative cabling solution installer. We specialize in communications cabling with our main emphasis on data, voice, video, and fiber optic cabling. Below is a small sample of our capabilities:

  • All cabling installed is tested and certified
  • Voice and Data cable installations using cat5e, cat6, and cat6A
  • Video and CCTV cable installations using RG59, RG6 and RG11
  • Fiber Optic installations of Multi-mode and Single-mode inside or outside, above and below ground
  • Data Center and Data Closet builds consisting of ladder-rack and cable tray

    Our team of experienced cabling installers have worked on all size projects in numerous industries; Hospitals, schools and universities, large retail stores, restaurant franchises, apartment buildings, residential units, and many other structures.

    Orbex Solutions is the only source for your cabling needs ranging from premise cabling, horizontal or riser work, to backbone cabling we are your solution provider. We work with all types of cabling Category 5e, Category 6, RG 6 coaxial, RG 59 coaxial, RG 11 coaxial, single and multi-mode fiber optic.

    We are not limited to "clean" cable runs, we also install EMT conduit, raceway, cable trays, core holes, and most other means in order to get your most difficult cable runs accomplished.


    Fiber Optics


    Fiber optics is the leading method of transferring digital information at the highest possible speeds. But, how much do you know about how it integrates into your day-to-day operations? As telecommunications and cable companies continue to invest in their fiber optics infrastructure, other industries are catching on to the important advancements being made with the use of this technology. With the expertise and support of Orbex Solutions, you can join the Fiber Optic way that will supercharge your road to success.

    The number of LANs (local area networks) being set up without Fiber Optics continues to drop exponentially. This glass-based wiring, made up of a cluster of filaments that delivers data via light, is the new gold standard that will ensure that your structured cabling is optimally compatible with any advancements that other technology - from voice and data systems to security systems - will make over time. All industries can benefit from a dependable high-speed network based on fiber optics.

    Fiber optics is particularly recommended for businesses that:

  • Require a strong structured cable network
  • Rely upon robust voice and data services
  • Send and receive large files on a regular basis
  • Use high end communication and presentation systems such as wall screens
  • Utilise a complex video security and surveillance system
  • Orbex Solutions has unparalleled experience installing fiber optics with a strong track record managing data and voice networks, CCTV systems and video walls.


    Why Fiber Optics?


    Simply put, it is the future of digital business and telecommunications. Why wait? While traditional copper wiring is still considered by some to be an adequate way to transmit data, it is less reliable and efficient due to numerous limitations. It is highly susceptible to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and other interference, and it is likely to physically erode over time. And while copper wiring has made advances over the years to keep up with rapidly changing technology, it has also become much more expensive.

    It is easy to see why fiber optics has supplanted the metal wiring that built our first factories and businesses:

  • It has proven to be a more reliable method for the digital transfer of data, with nearly zero signal loss.
  • With its greater bandwidth, it can carry more data, more efficiently, and quickly. Whereas electrical wiring will top out at delivering 10GB, fiber optics has surpassed this capability with no limit yet in sight.
  • As it is made of glass, it is less likely to suffer interference compared to metal cables.
  • Fiber optics is lighter in weight, making it easier to transport, install and maintain than heavy cabling.
  • Fiber optics does not have to be grounded.
  • Fiber optics will not corrode, unlike metals.
  • Businesses that adopt fiber optics will not have to upgrade for years, and potentially for decades.
  • Though advantageous, glass based fiber optics are much more delicate than traditional wiring, and it requires a trained professional to safely and efficiently install this type of cabling. A certified specialist and fiber optics expert is the only type of professional trained to cut and splice this type of wiring.


    Choosing the Right Provider for Your Business


    Orbex Solutions believes in fiber optics and recommends it for any new structured cabling system as well as for companies seeking to upgrade their IT network. Every aspect of the design, procurement, construction, splicing and maintenance will be managed by certified master technicians with the know-how to make your fiber optics integration seamless.

    Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Fiber optic installation
  • Fiber optic cable termination
  • Fiber optic fusion splicing
  • Full scope design and maintenance for fiber optic cabling
  • Line testing
  • Conduit rodding, cleaning, and pulling
  • Underground conduit construction
  • Shopping around for the right provider for you? Remember to ask about network protocols, network configurations, optical cabling, industry communications standards, determining fiber count, selecting hardware, applied splicing/termination methods, and cable system testing and documentation. And, always discuss your budget and obtain a quote that takes into consideration the needs and size of your business.


    Making Orbex Solutions your technology partner means you will be up to date and prepared for the future.


    Led by the most respected technicians in the region for more than 14 years, Orbex Solutions has specialized in the installation of fiber optics throughout its history as an expert in structured cabling. Call our team today to discuss the advantages of utilizing fiber optics, and to discuss the best plan for your business.


    View 7 World`s Most Powerful ARC Fusion Splicer



    View 7, a core-alignment splicer with the world’s highest fiber image magnification rate, is the most powerful and innovative fusion splicer. It offers maximum work efficiency through the fast heating time of 13s and the ultra-high battery capacity of 355 splice/heat cycles.

    View 7 offers the most advanced splicing technology, as evidenced by industry-only features that offers the best services for our valuable customers.


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