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Businesses now produce a phenomenal amount of data, and the ability to access and transfer this data easily is critical to the success of their business. Many businesses are finding that their normal broadband connections are no longer enough and instead are investing in Leased Lines.


The term Leased Line has evolved in recent years, but essentially it refers to connectivity that is:

  • Dedicated, so that unlike Broadband which is shared with up to 50 other users (contended) your bandwidth is not shared with any other users
  • Symmetrical, meaning you enjoy the same download and upload speed. With broadband. The focus is on the download speed, but where a business is seeing as much as 20Mb download, they may be getting less than 1Mb upload speed, causing congestion. A symmetrical solution is essential if your business is looking to deploy cloud applications such as Office 365 or SalesForce, or if your business works with large files
  • Subject to an enhanced Service Level Agreement, with agreed credit where an SLA is breached, meaning your business is protected from extended downtime - a major concern for any business

    At Orbex Solutions, to support businesses as they upgrade, we include the following as a standard part of any Leased Line:

  • FREE best-of-breed Managed Router - typically Cisco or Mikrotik
  • FREE installation - removing significant upfront costs
  • FREE Internet Backup - so in the event of downtime, your business is protected
  • FREE Network Monitoring - to help you understand the health of your network

    Our customers also benefit from our industry-leading SLA, offering up to 100% up time with a credit agreement of 1 day per 1 hour of downtime. What�s more, we round up the downtime to the nearest hour, meaning if you only experience 1 minute of downtime, you will still be credited for an hour.


    Leased Line vs Broadband


    Upgrading from a standard Broadband connection to a Leased Line can appear to be a big step for some companies, especially considering additional investment. But for businesses experiencing considerable growth, or reliant on their internet connection for customer sales and communications, a Leased Line is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

    The table below outlines some key differences between a typical broadband service and the difference your business would experience with a Leased Line from Orbex Solutions.


     Leased Line


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