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Smarter Wi-Fi Increases operational efficiency and is the strongest link in your supply chain.

Please read: Multiple Vulnerabilities discovered in 4-way handshake of WPA2 protocols

Robust, reliable superfast connections using the highest quality equipment to provide secure Wi-Fi to Business, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Stadiums, Outdoor areas and everywhere between.


What is Ruckus?


Ruckus Wireless is a global Wi-Fi technology company. Ruckus manufactures and markets Wi-Fi products directly to broadband services providers and WLAN systems indirectly to enterprise customers. Ruckus was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2007. Its customers include Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Deutsche Telekom, and China Telecom.

The Company manufactures and markets Smart Wi-Fi products directly to broadband services providers and Smart WLAN systems indirectly to enterprise customers. To date, Ruckus has shipped more than 500,000 Smart Wi-Fi systems worldwide.

Ruckus Wireless competes in the multi-billion dollar market for enterprise Wi-Fi local area networks. The WLAN market is being driven by the strong trend toward the use of Wi-Fi as a ubiquitous utility to support more mature applications such as voice, video, digital signage and other sophisticated uses. Today the WLAN market is largely split between high end WLAN switch suppliers and low end consumer Wi-Fi companies. Ruckus Wireless is positioned to provide all the value, features and functionality of high end systems but within an easy-to-use and affordable system.


Ruckus Wireless - Smarter, Simply superior Wi-Fi Solution for your business


No Ethernet? No problem...


Since stadium`s, schools or warehouses are not easy to wire, and Wi-Fi is just as reliable as Ethernet, smart Wi-Fi meshing is the ideal solution for easily extending Wi-Fi services without the cost and complexity of pulling at5 cabling to every AP. The Ruckus ZoneFlex system supports Smart Mesh Networking that lets you connect APs by simply plugging into a power outlet. The AP is smart enough to do the rest. And, configuring Smart Meshing is as simple as clicking a check box. No manual defining of meshing links or tedious optimization. Smart Meshing organizes, optimizes, and heals on its own.


Dealing with high desity


A major concern is dealing with high density environments such as classrooms, hotels and outdoor areas. With a flood of Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously accessing the wireless network, the Ruckus ZoneFlex system is designed to provide a best-in-class solution for supporting a high-capacity of concurrent wireless users. Applying patented adaptive antenna technology that gets users on and off the Wi-Fi network quickly, this technology is combined with capabilities including client load balancing, airtime fairness, band steering, and per user rate limiting to ensure hundreds of users can access a single access point that delivers reliable and fast Wi-Fi connectivity.


Simple Configuration


The Ruckus ZoneFlex system is the industry`s simplest WLAN system to configure and deploy. It offers one of the most advanced set of WLAN features but without the cost and complexity typically associated with high-end systems. Configured in minutes and deployed in hours, the ZoneFlex system uses an intuitive Web-based wizard. Once configured, APs are simply plugged into a power source or PoE and self-configure by automatically discovering the ZoneDirector controller or FlexMaster Wi-Fi management system.


Extend WIFI Where others cant


Ruckus ZoneFlex system supports Smart Mesh Networking. This lets hotels easily add Wi-Fi by simply plugging an AP into a power outlet. No configuring mesh links, tuning, or trouble shooting. Smart Mesh self-organizes, self-optimizes, and self-heals in the event of an AP failure. This keeps availability high, coverage complete, and costs down - eliminating disruptive and costly Ethernet cabling that quickly adds up in operational expenses. And, an advanced smart antenna array ensures unprecedented reliability for the mesh backbone - minimizing packet loss, steering signals over the fastest paths and increasing the distance between mesh nodes.



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